The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 28 2018

Clues Answers
Alleviation RELIEF
Animal, most successful, devours first character BEAST
Baby with obsequious charm? CRAWLER
Ban Asti perhaps? ABSTAIN
Be situated in Beaulieu LIE
Best time of youth salad days
Cambridge or Oxford college PEMBROKE
Cheat to secure point in card game CRIBBAGE
City walls in Split survive LAST
Courage NERVE
Deadlock IMPASSE
Decline to vote ABSTAIN
Didn’t see crashes en route DESTINED
Difficult position in which I’m outdated IMPASSE
Dish of mashed pea all served up PAELLA
Encrypted language CODE
Endure LAST
Energy in sliced meat for guiding light BEACON
Exonerated CLEARED
Experience soreness ACHE
Fish bone ultimately reveals secret message CODE
Guardiola’s energy? PEP
Hooded snake COBRA
Improve text EMEND
Innocent years with vegetarian diet? salad days
Irish forged coin that’s ridiculous IRONIC
Javelin or lance SPEAR
Judge eats pork pie in break RELIEF
Key worker climbing fiery mountain ETNA
Large bird PELICAN
Mike skint after training in Welsh town PEMBROKE
Money-drawer in corrupt French fortress BASTILLE
Monstrous person BEAST
Mountaineer CLIMBER
Musical surge CRESCENDO
One with large bill in place that’s ruinous PELICAN
Pain bachelor’s hiding ACHE
Parisian prison BASTILLE
Pegboard game CRIBBAGE
Police department holding up lover boy CUPID
Reassembled spare weapon SPEAR
Rising cheer from soccer den maybe? CRESCENDO
Say Hillary Clinton, initially flexible CLIMBER
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Signal fire BEACON
Sinuous creature’s firm support COBRA
Some unfortunate men deserve better EMEND
Spanish rice dish PAELLA
Sycophant CRAWLER
Translating Verne requires bottle NERVE
Untruth LIE
Vitality PEP
Worried about French article being approved CLEARED
Wryly amusing IRONIC

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