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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Accurate EXACT
Architect Jenny? WREN
Auditorium THEATRE
Baghdad citizen IRAQI
Boring Romeo restrained outside TIRED
Canine with old woman shows blind faith DOGMA
Cross is metre longer perhaps MONGREL
Crossbred dog MONGREL
Cunning trick DODGE
Decorative jug or mug TOBY
Desert transport arrived and left CAMEL
Doctrine DOGMA
Elizabeth keeps us in venture BUSINESS
Enemy shot one Arab YEMENI
Exhausted TIRED
Extremely lazy bone idle
Fashioned WROUGHT
Get knowledge from student with merit LEARN
Gun projectile BULLET
Hard to get past this racketeer! wide boy
Hate or abhor DESPISE
Heart that’s stopped in church? ORGAN
Horse saves one man at sea MARITIME
Humped creature CAMEL
Idle chatter TATTLE
In France, defeated, surrender CEDE
Irish with a question, one for Middle Easterner IRAQI
Kansas City magistrate imprisons duke DODGE
Keyboard instrument ORGAN
Lie on bed perhaps being this bone idle
Loathe man cooking pies DESPISE
Male domestic fowl ROOSTER
Male, extremely eloquent, finds slug BULLET
Maybe Sun to ad-lib in rewrite TABLOID
Memorise LEARN
Newspaper format TABLOID
Nuts about an ascendant singer MADONNA
Ocular affliction STYE
Old Bill very precise EXACT
Peter out in allotment finds incline GRADIENT
Play involving black fellow TOBY
Pressure on after time in auditorium THEATRE
Problem for looker in West Yellowstone STYE
Prohibited BARRED
Relinquish CEDE
Sana’a citizen YEMENI
Small songbird WREN
Spiv wide boy
Store or dice chicken ROOSTER
Story about non-drinker is gossip TATTLE
Virgin Mary MADONNA
We hear poet not allowed in pub BARRED
Wife given hard time is worked WROUGHT