The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 3 2018

Clues Answers
Almond or coconut biscuit MACAROON
Army outpost CAMP
Be told off having fled BOLTED
Bishop having consumed gets hammered BEATEN
Cinema show FILM
Clothes were first in jumble GARBLED
Confused GARBLED
Cooking fat LARD
Dark red wrapping around biscuit MACAROON
Darkness close __ closer in east NIGHT
Defeated BEATEN
Demon is in to change size DIMENSION
Dianne battered another woman NADINE
Distinctive smell ODOUR
English city LANCASTER
Enthral GRIP
Faint-hearted TIMID
Fat Romeo grabbed by groom LARD
Female name NADINE
Female name ADELE
Finish work and go to bed RETIRE
Fly larva MAGGOT
GI Mario sorted out paperwork? ORIGAMI
Good order NEATNESS
Grub had after terrible AGM MAGGOT
Her supporter has force in Times spread FEMINIST
High-ranking Catholic priest CARDINAL
Hold with force and tear GRIP
Hours after sunset NIGHT
Japanese art form ORIGAMI
Mad elephant carries singer ADELE
Male name IAN
More unpleasant NASTIER
Movie in the mist FILM
Mum with cold needs waterproof MAC
Old and grim smell ODOUR
Old house, ancestral, ruined LANCASTER
Priest in wild clan raid CARDINAL
Raincoat (informal) MAC
Retsina can be even worse! NASTIER
Scotsman in Belgravia now IAN
Setter is right into beer brand IMPRINT
Shy and tiny character joined rejected girl TIMID
Straight headland’s simple elegance NEATNESS
Sunbather in this atoll BIKINI
Theatrical male in beret CAMP
Two-piece swimsuit BIKINI
Withdraw RETIRE
Women’s rights activist FEMINIST

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