The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 4 2018

Clues Answers
Account subtraction DEBIT
Apprehension ANGST
Athenian landmark PARTHENON
Beverage TEA
Bit of a fight SCRAP
Clean with brush SCRUB
Cricket player FIELDSMAN
Deceived daughter escaped cleverly DELUDED
Dispatched to cover cold trail SCENT
Dolly keeps chicken in temple PARTHENON
Dual-purpose couch sofa bed
Firestarter in tent or chalet TORCH
Fragment SCRAP
Fragrance SCENT
Gangsta skinned in torment ANGST
Gave a response REPLIED
Helping around inside brings calm PLACATE
Improve morally ELEVATE
Incision NOTCH
Indistinct VAGUE
Mild-mannered chap emptied latrine GENTLE
Natural environment HABITAT
Nick not visiting church NOTCH
Nitpicker PEDANT
Offer cash against wage ADVANCE
Padded seat you can put up with? sofa bed
Pet term concocted for Devil TEMPTER
Players not finishing meal TEA
Poem from Isherwood exemplary ODE
Portable light TORCH
Procedure METHOD
Raise tax in European shelter ELEVATE
Recruit from Henry Holm Centres? ENROL
Register ENROL
Retaliated as salesman was dishonest REPLIED
Ruler in mood beheaded soldiers EMPEROR
Sailor interrupts contract killing at home HABITAT
Slip say in WC allocated to staff FIELDSMAN
Socialite with appeal makes deduction DEBIT
Soft and tranquil GENTLE
Sovereign ruler EMPEROR
Spanning ACROSS
Stickler died in training soldier PEDANT
Stimulated AROUSED
These clues are a burden! ACROSS
Time wasted in member’s area THIGH
Type of neck fit for woolly VAGUE
Upper leg THIGH
Verse form ODE
Way mod conceals the rebellious METHOD
Woken in so rude a fashion AROUSED

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