The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 5 2018

Clues Answers
Army given rations or made to eat? force-fed
Aroma of cloth in European country FRAGRANCE
Australian city ADELAIDE
Bachelor always gets pint BEER
British arrive at Split BREACH
British liner may come to once-walled city BERLIN
Brush in Dachsberg conceals animal HIND
Carers he involved in investigation RESEARCH
Compelled to accept force-fed
Elevate RAISE
Essential BASIC
Expand case cracked after deadline ESCALATE
Fellow soldier COMRADE
Female red deer HIND
Firm forced to engage right associate COMRADE
Fissure BREACH
Franchise reproducing china CHAIN
German capital BERLIN
Grassland first not last LEA
Heated discussion ARGUMENT
Irish working in club IRON
Jack from Jura is extrovert RAISE
Junior editor with position and wealth SUBSTANCE
Keep watch OBSERVE
Linked series CHAIN
Little animal close to granite block CUBE
Metal IRON
Ocean, river or burn? SEAR
Pasture LEA
Physical matter SUBSTANCE
Pole from a standard pack MAST
Primary ABC is revised BASIC
Rapidly increase ESCALATE
Sails support MAST
Scientific investigation RESEARCH
Scorch SEAR
Singer accepts help in the capital ADELAIDE
Six-sided block CUBE
Somebody else’s henna? DYE
Stain DYE
Steam room SAUNA
Sun article about a Finnish bath SAUNA
Swapped coins with duke CHANGED
Turn game possibly causing row ARGUMENT
Wash and iron LAUNDER
Wash clothes in city below LAUNDER
Words Angela misused about good university LANGUAGE

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