The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 6 2018

Clues Answers
A mortal sin admitted AGREED
Alehouse TAVERN
Amaretto flavour ALMOND
Assist excellent daughter AID
Bachelor exits wide motorway ROAD
Baked pastry meal PIE
Baltic state ESTONIA
Bird circling managed second journey TRANSIT
Bird hearts historical agricultural labourer consumed PHEASANT
Campaigner less refined outside Salvation Army CRUSADER
Chastise BERATE
Christian warrior CRUSADER
Complaint from student in club BLEAT
Conceded AGREED
Course army unit won’t complete REGIMEN
Crawler at home with cult INSECT
Debt rate can be beaten BATTERED
Diet or routine REGIMEN
Eastern sailor ran up to tell story NARRATE
Empty net CLEAR
Glaswegian football team CELTIC
Go mad when retired STAB
Grenade exploded by English traitor RENEGADE
Hamlet going round clubs and disco DANCE
Handyman who speaks at Xmas time? DECORATOR
Have it in mind to have party? ENTERTAIN
Help AID
House painter DECORATOR
Invertebrate creature INSECT
Investor SAVER
Leave in haste (informal) SCAT
Move to music DANCE
Moving into stormily sea-girt land ESTONIA
Note on tax returned in pub TAVERN
Old man cracked nut ALMOND
Pass across TRANSIT
Person of interest? SAVER
Pierce with dagger STAB
Plaintive cry BLEAT
Reprimand insect flying round rodent BERATE
Require NEED
Requirement of someone educated? NEED
Scottish club with old Scot in charge CELTIC
Small feline to get lost SCAT
Some scampi eaten in dish PIE
Struck many times BATTERED
Thoroughfare ROAD
Unambiguous CLEAR

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