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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Accented rhythm BACKBEAT
Acclaim drama seen in 60 Minutes HONOUR
Accolade HONOUR
Attlee drunk with duke in boozer LADETTE
Bar staff ROD
Boldness NERVE
Butter and milk producer? nanny goat
Capone and sweetheart finished all over
Completely done all over
Crested parrot COCKATOO
Deplore unconvincing Bible books LAMENT
Diamonds and cool stuff ICE
Face of Dotty Perkins TYPE
Farm animal nanny goat
Feathered missile ARROW
First hole OPENING
Fishing pole ROD
Found key in box CREATE
Free with money? RANSOM
Frozen water ICE
Hebridean location SKYE
Hitchcock’s desire ITCH
Idea or notion THOUGHT
Important army officer MAJOR
Island finally gets link by bridge SKYE
Leader leaving school gives pointer ARROW
London terminus WATERLOO
Loutish female LADETTE
Monarch leaving count stupefied NUMB
New alert in court battle WATERLOO
Nottingham’s river TRENT
Observer WATCHER
Opinion from Hugh OTT perhaps THOUGHT
Opportunity OPENING
Pleasure explosive to me and Jenny ENJOYMENT
Regard with respect VENERATE
Release payment RANSOM
Reportedly foul resting-place? ROOST
Restless longing ITCH
Revere wounded veteran touring East VENERATE
Ringo’s accent? BACKBEAT
River runs through shelter TRENT
Rooster located by ducks and bird COCKATOO
Significant MAJOR
Small mammal or dragon SHREW
Small mouse-like animal SHREW
Sort or kind TYPE
Spectator’s greeting heard WATCHER
Water bottle in cafeteria CANTEEN
Winner Velasquez shows courage NERVE
Without feeling NUMB
Works restaurant CANTEEN