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The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Bed cover SHEET
Bitter about Conservative purge SCOUR
Cat turned up with mum PUMA
Clean abrasively SCOUR
Conference SEMINAR
Cost incurred EXPENSE
Dancing shoes PUMPS
Dealt with patiently? TREATED
Eatable EDIBLE
Equestrian event DRESSAGE
Especially above all
European nation ENGLAND
Female name DEIRDRE
Female name ANITA
Foolish person IDIOT
French cheeses announced for picnic? BREEZE
Gentle gust BREEZE
Girl has daughter by doctor in Ireland DEIRDRE
Given care TREATED
Glenda moved round North Country ENGLAND
Good to consume, I bleed badly EDIBLE
He cuts firm leaf SHEET
Horse moves long time after groom DRESSAGE
Litter boxes made at first for footwear PUMPS
Locks most important it’s said MANE
Long hair MANE
Mountain predator PUMA
Mug __ I had nothing to fill it IDIOT
My Sean becomes sycophant yes man
Nun made ridiculously dull MUNDANE
Ordinary MUNDANE
Picture Lennon classic IMAGINE
Post Office receives sultry image PHOTO
Primarily a lovable eccentric above all
Ran up behind house for class SEMINAR
Regrettably ALAS
Revise text EDIT
Scandinavian raider NORSEMAN
Showing off snake bite BOASTING
Small egg on big roll SURGE
Snapshot PHOTO
Some woman __ Italian girl ANITA
South American mountain range ANDES
Stooge or toady yes man
Sudden increase SURGE
Tree-covered land FOREST
Version in which stream flows west EDIT
Viking manner so questionable NORSEMAN
Visualise IMAGINE
Woefully concealed in Galashiels ALAS
Woman over southern mountains ANDES
Wood that could be softer FOREST
Writers in river demanding fee EXPENSE
Yes: cats can produce bliss ECSTASY