The Sun – Two Speed – Oct 9 2018

Clues Answers
American state OHIO
Ancestry DESCENT
Apprehensive NERVOUS
Apprehensive over Sun being playful NERVOUS
Approach abruptly ACCOST
Beautiful woman’s object of worship GODDESS
Boast new governing power CROWN
Charge on account for buttonhole ACCOST
Circumspect DISCREET
City fox might be this! ATHENS
Comprehend meaning SENSE
Confused mass TANGLE
Dallas clan somewhat new in Gulf EWING
Delight in Parisian song ENCHANT
Dishonest scheme SCAM
East Asian desert GOBI
Emperor excited in pool with Anne NAPOLEON
Everlasting ETERNAL
Famous French general NAPOLEON
Female deity GODDESS
Flag bike down at last with gesture ENSIGN
Go with BELONG
Greek capital ATHENS
Home of Columbus? OHIO
Immortal unknown’s left outside ETERNAL
Impression SENSE
Inflection TONE
Large northern deer MOOSE
Make known girl’s weight ANNOUNCE
Mature ADULT
Member around north is character TONE
Naval flag ENSIGN
Numb clergyman holds editor back DEADEN
Old boys better out of sight OBSCURED
Oxygen needed in incredibly big desert GOBI
Prudent girl encrypted secret DISCREET
Publicly declare ANNOUNCE
Republican flees bad-tempered elk MOOSE
Royal headdress CROWN
Scottish links or not bothered? TROON
Society in moral decline DESCENT
Some from Baghdad ultimately grown-up ADULT
South American river ORINOCO
South Ayrshire town with a golf course TROON
Swindle of reversible rainwear? SCAM
Take ages to fit in BELONG
Time and inclination required to produce jam TANGLE
TV oil family EWING
Venezuelan banker is a Womble ORINOCO

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