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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 10 2018

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Clues Answers
A second class property ASSET
Advantage ASSET
Animated deer no youngster BAMBINO
Bachelor takes walk in the bush BRAMBLE
Blackberry plant BRAMBLE
Board member DIRECTOR
Canine coat? ENAMEL
Cheapskate MISER
Competitor RACER
Connection tie-in
Creditor ruined senior manager DIRECTOR
Detainee CAPTIVE
Facial cosmetics make-up
Fast driver brilliant in Rolls-Royce RACER
Female name ANNE
Film theatre CINEMA
Flowers came up on Sunday the first ROSES
Football club magazine ARSENAL
Frank Spencer’s first in competitions OPENS
Garden bug APHID
Gatecrasher INTRUDER
Hard to lose opening argument TIFF
Hire one out for featured female HEROINE
Hummed song about drink SANGRIA
In agreement ONSIDE
Interference in this sense HISS
It reverses one German link tie-in
Light umbrella PARASOL
Loose rugby scrum RUCK
Lorry won’t start, causing brawl RUCK
Man has no time for Scrooge MISER
Minor spat TIFF
Nearly-nude rugby playing makes French red! BURGUNDY
Pest wants assistance outside pub APHID
Prisoner in dreadful pit in cave CAPTIVE
Protagonist HEROINE
Reason UV makes one hungry RAVENOUS
Romantic blooms ROSES
Small child BAMBINO
Snake sound HISS
Soldiers look back for overhead protection PARASOL
Some man needs girl ANNE
Spanish punch SANGRIA
Star of Cold War fiction DWARF
Takes in ACCEPTS
Terribly nice old woman in the picture house CINEMA
Tooth surface ENAMEL
Tower over DWARF
Trespasser in time more discourteous INTRUDER
UK map changed with English constitution make-up
Understands Conservative in new aspect ACCEPTS
Unwraps OPENS
Vicious guitarist to stop one being supportive ONSIDE
Weapons store ARSENAL
Wine region BURGUNDY