The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 12 2018

Clues Answers
Alkaline compound POTASH
Arab cried out for barrier BARRICADE
Assets of passing interest? ESTATE
Authorisation to turn clock back REMIT
Aviator PILOT
Based on logic REASONED
Bear in the wild to sleep for months HIBERNATE
Black vessel in stream BURN
Bug Paul McCartney we hear? BEETLE
Bulbous plant LILY
Bullock STEER
Cheese from a deli __ portion sent back EDAM
Chemical at shop exploded POTASH
Cleaner aims to revise appeal CHARISMA
Compelling charm CHARISMA
Comprehensive GENERAL
Continental EUROPEAN
Conundrum ENIGMA
Difficulty TROUBLE
Dispatch REMIT
Do the Wright thing? PILOT
Dressed Green Man in overall GENERAL
Dutch town EDAM
Farm building BARN
Film icon Marlene DIETRICH
German chap wants food selection loaded DIETRICH
Girl probably losing heart LILY
Green vegetable PEA
Hard man becomes emperor HADRIAN
Heavenly babe? CHERUB
Hot water’s exciting role with tub TROUBLE
Improvised fence BARRICADE
Knight’s title SIR
Large car ESTATE
Lie dormant HIBERNATE
Looking pale as chicken ASHEN
Maybe Rodman left in temper ANGLER
Me drunk with a gin? It’s puzzling! ENIGMA
One fishing ANGLER
One leaving Scots child in outhouse BARN
Overcook BURN
Pallid ASHEN
Roman wall-builder HADRIAN
Saint always poetically offers guidance STEER
Seed found in ripe apple PEA
Sensible as Doreen is silly? REASONED
Some feckless Irish teacher SIR
Spaniard, maybe a pure one corrupted EUROPEAN
Tract of grassland left untidy LEAFLET
Winged child in art CHERUB

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