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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Admit, concede AGREE
Afternoon repast high tea
Andre gets terribly alienated ESTRANGED
Apply force EXERT
At home Chubby nurses new baby INFANT
Attractive girl’s call picked up BELLE
Avenger moved to impress deeply ENGRAVE
Beautiful woman BELLE
Carve, etch ENGRAVE
Ceremonial clothes REGALIA
Chilling in taxi flanked by horse MACABRE
Consent to change gear with energy AGREE
Covered passage ARCADE
Crate smashed? Retaliate! REACT
Diversity among Orangemen? RANGE
Driver’s compartment CAB
Entertainer ARTISTE
Evaluates RATES
Excellent beer sent round Crown & Sceptre? REGALIA
First Lady and others come to mountain EVEREST
Go inside ENTER
Gruesome MACABRE
Grumbled MOANED
Highest peak EVEREST
Husband in car say reversed to fill up CHARGE
In which business is picking up? CAB
Clues Answers
Initially sceptical old man in health resort SPA
Is a name recollected? Not with this! AMNESIA
Key often used to get in ENTER
Latin American dance SALSA
Lightweight wood BALSA
Liquidiser BLENDER
Liza Minnelli movie CABARET
Made complaint __ daemon on the loose MOANED
Maestro has no piano to bring into use EXERT
Meal served up? high tea
Memory loss AMNESIA
Mineral spring SPA
Mountain chain RANGE
Officer detailed to run machine GENERATOR
One mixes well in second-class bank BLENDER
Performer in part is terrible ARTISTE
Place that amuses some Hussar cadets ARCADE
Remains of a fire ASHES
Respond REACT
Row of houses TERRACE
Rush forward CHARGE
Sauce sadly knocked over contains salt SALSA
Suspicion about monarch in domestic row TERRACE
Thinks highly of redesigned Taser RATES
Toddler INFANT
Tom takes in strip show CABARET
Was hesitant displaying sports trophy ASHES
Wood used in tribal sacrifice BALSA