The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 15 2018

Clues Answers
Active sort about to shake old woman DOWAGER
Approximate ROUGH
Assistance AID
Barrier stored in shed generally HEDGE
Canine DOG
Compact disc? MIRROR
Complain CARP
Composure is seen in US writer POISE
Deal with correspondence AGREEMENT
Deed used in legal battle ACTION
Despise some snitch at Eton HATE
Dive forward to grab round loaf LOUNGE
Dry run cancelled __ help needed AID
Fish causing bellyache CARP
Flexible ELASTIC
GB dealer generates capital BELGRADE
Gifted boy in marquee with pressman TALENTED
Graceful bearing POISE
Grasping editor carried by horse GREEDY
Hairy hooligan ROUGH
Heavy food STODGE
Huge unnatural shock for VIP BIGWIG
Important person BIGWIG
Interlock MESH
Litigation ACTION
Loathe HATE
Need to carry pistol denied NEGATED
No credit arranged in principle DOCTRINE
Nullified NEGATED
Old and sullen, making smell ODOUR
Party good to follow DOG
Potato SPUD
Reflective surface MIRROR
Resilient one in ruined castle ELASTIC
Reveal to Dicky what makes flight unnecessary ELEVATOR
Row of bushes HEDGE
Serbian city BELGRADE
Set dog liquid high-carb meal STODGE
Shem destroyed the network MESH
Sitting room LOUNGE
Sloth and bats are in it INERTIA
Stillness INERTIA
This pudding contains potato! SPUD
Titled widow DOWAGER
Voracious GREEDY
Workmate in company left union COLLEAGUE

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