The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 16 2018  

The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 16 2018  

Clues Answers
A pig died on ship ABOARD
Accounts book not right for shelf LEDGE
Amount SUM
Ban from pub BAR
Bit about me being reined in TAMED
Bone that is broken in accident initially TIBIA
Bubble in black paint BOIL
Coherent soldier in pub LOGICAL
Consist of COMPRISE
Contained in ship ABOARD
Doctor treated Kurd, an inebriate DRUNKARD
Domesticated TAMED
Drown topless men coming to bay ENGULF
Electra stirred the syrup TREACLE
Exclude BAR
Extent of horrible mud-eating MAGNITUDE
First-place medal GOLD
Food retailer GROCER
French duke indeed worked out! DEDUCED
Good old precious metal GOLD
Group without Lemmy’s lead is dull BLAND
Importance MAGNITUDE
In spite of everything after all
Include Charlie, replacing semi-pro COMPRISE
Inferred DEDUCED
Inflamed swelling BOIL
Insipid BLAND
Lab users concealing cruel treatment ABUSE
Leg bone TIBIA
Meat product, cold joint AA lot prepared CHIPOLATA
Mercurial man protects informer ERRATIC
Missing or sold at auction? GONE
Molasses TREACLE
Notice insect eating bun that’s rich ABUNDANT
One imagines deer and ram cavorting DREAMER
One’s welcomed by fat landowner LAIRD
Overwhelm ENGULF
Projecting ridge LEDGE
Race to supply lasting literary work CLASSIC
Rational LOGICAL
Ray gives smile BEAM
Roof support BEAM
Scots estate owner LAIRD
Shopkeeper Roger drunk outside clubs GROCER
Small sausage CHIPOLATA
Sot or lush DRUNKARD
Still beyond infinity after all
Swarming insect LOCUST
Traditional CLASSIC
Unpredictable ERRATIC
Vanished GONE
Violation ABUSE
Visionary DREAMER
Winger causing destruction? LOCUST
Wrestler loses nothing in total SUM

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