The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 17 2018

Clues Answers
Abandoned, many felt irritated DITCHED
Biblical pariah LEPER
Break in a journey pit stop
Celebrity STAR
Celtic language IRISH
Close acquaintance FRIEND
Consequence RESULT
Constrained LIMITED
Cream cake ECLAIR
Cup of tea left to get very cold CHALICE
Cyclist free here in middle RIDER
Different OTHER
Dispossess EVICT
Doctor Marten with no decoration ORNAMENT
Elbow almost fractured part of ear LOBE
Emus are tricky to evaluate MEASURE
English girl said to be delicious thing ECLAIR
Equestrian RIDER
Expel in complete victory EVICT
Feline noise PURR
Female name ELENA
Fleshy part of the ear LOBE
Girl among people Len approaches ELENA
Girl hails originally from Dublin? IRISH
Hasanpur railway’s engine sound? PURR
Holy day SABBATH
Inadequate way quote read back PATHETIC
Invention, design CREATION
It’s half-day closing mate! FRIEND
Mine’s best chance to refuel pit stop
Monkey’s first in orbit seeing the light LAMP
Narrow and small child in top LIMITED
Not as expensive CHEAPER
Outcast in revolt heading West LEPER
Perhaps an erotic concept CREATION
Prank in which he’s causing less damage? CHEAPER
Presented academic with wrong date DONATED
Rest period brings southern sailor to city SABBATH
She is a beautiful Italian ISABELLA
Shimmy under pole, climb over netting LIMBO
Skilled Pat worked with Ed ADEPT
Source of illumination LAMP
Spanish queen ISABELLA
Stand being overdrawn after holiday TRIPOD
The Sun turns traitors around STAR
Three-legged support TRIPOD
Unmarried mum finds alternative OTHER
Very proficient ADEPT
West Indian dance LIMBO
Win perhaps playing in Ulster RESULT

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