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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 18 2018

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Clues Answers
Arm joint ELBOW
Asian republic VIETNAM
Australian feral canine DINGO
Batsman OPENER
Began court proceedings? SERVED
Being in German city church ESSENCE
Cavalry mount CHARGER
Clever as Biblical victim said to be ABLE
Close shave near miss
Competent ABLE
Covering distance small daughter beamed SMILED
Cricketer, one taking cap off? OPENER
Desire shown in Barrow is hot WISH
Desire, want WISH
Drinking bender? ELBOW
Drive around volcano country VIETNAM
Equestrian rounds a marauder RAIDER
European country PORTUGAL
Evil spirit DEMON
Fiend seen in March and November DEMON
Final performance swan song
Five battle without a break VACATION
Fundamental nature ESSENCE
Heaven on Earth contains nothing NONE
Helot rebuilt lodging-house HOTEL
Laid waste RAVAGED
Left Gaul, moved to another country PORTUGAL
Narrow escape as miners rioting near miss
Not even one NONE
Number NINE
Old actress grand in last hurrah swan song
Old man (informal) CODGER
One expecting payment for horse CHARGER
Parcel lorry contains instrument CELLO
Passionate INTENSE
Programmer brings in good geezer CODGER
Regular college class UNIFORM
Season in which one sees adder? SUMMER
Snow leopard OUNCE
Strained decimal point INTENSE
Stringed instrument CELLO
Sufficed SERVED
Surprise attacker RAIDER
This many women in exquisite clothes? NINE
Unvarying UNIFORM
Warmer months SUMMER
Was furious about Virginia being sacked RAVAGED
Wild cat of little weight OUNCE
Wild creature makes noise vanish DINGO
Wore a grin SMILED