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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Activate TRIGGER
Affectionate gesture worries son CARESS
Analogous ALIKE
Animal pelt DEERSKIN
Balance OFFSET
Balance of FTSE disrupted OFFSET
Ball game GOLF
Bamboo stem CANE
Blockade SIEGE
Capone and Eisenhower similar? ALIKE
Come to halt and stand STALL
Curved sword SABRE
Death of Cavendish END
Discipline extremely sarcastic niece perhaps SCIENCE
Effect of hairstyle AIR
First killer caught for crook CANE
Gentle touch CARESS
Goal END
Hit men __ one coming after you! SUCCESSOR
Is this the end of the line? TERMINAL
Key is with lock in Harrow DISTRESS
Landed with this document? title deed
Manet or Monet ARTIST
Melody AIR
One leasing LESSEE
One stopping bribe BUNG
Ownership certificate title deed
Painter having weird traits ARTIST
Pay to get old shots in movie FOOTAGE
Play for time STALL
Prompt start TRIGGER
Regal baton SCEPTRE
Sailor’s jacket REEFER
School subject SCIENCE
Secret resort with parking for staff SCEPTRE
See GI wounded in prolonged attack SIEGE
Sequences of filmed material FOOTAGE
Short coat placed in tree fern REEFER
Some extroverts wander around ROVE
Some hide as Red Ken is let loose DEERSKIN
Sport in loch with mist rising round GOLF
Tenant not so keen to give up housing LESSEE
Throw BUNG
Traditional story demands explanation LEGEND
Unjustified BASELESS
Unsupported as energy put into praise BASELESS
Very famous person LEGEND
Weapon bears being thrown about SABRE