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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Actor Brian shed blood all over ship BLESSED
Bullets AMMO
Chance compiler had to cut stress ACCIDENT
Chatter GAS
Clergyman CLERIC
Coalition ALLIANCE
Consecrated BLESSED
Converted, caught and executed CHANGED
Cruel treatment in LA bus explained ABUSE
Daughter Elsie designed locomotive DIESEL
Declare guiltless ABSOLVE
Dog that races the bus? GREYHOUND
Famed outlaw Kelly stores books NOTED
Female relative AUNT
Graceful canine GREYHOUND
Humiliation SHAME
Husband in heavenly house an unscrupulous sort CHANCER
Imprisons CAGES
Infinite damage to Leeds, north and south ENDLESS
Is it good as fuel? GAS
Kinswoman, posh, embraced by six-footer AUNT
Little Edward saves our group in river TWEED
Locks up clubs, taking long time CAGES
London district SOHO
Maltreat ABUSE
Massive soldier acting strangely GIGANTIC
Meat in southeast is disgrace SHAME
Mention for top dog PEKE
Observed NOTED
Opportunist CHANCER
Petrol alternative DIESEL
Sacred beetle SCARAB
Seafarer loves to create excuse ABSOLVE
Second line in Pinter’s sharp piece SPLINTER
Sewers unwanted mostly NEEDLES
Small canine PEKE
Some colliers are dishonest LIE
Some white-collar worker? CLERIC
Student employed in underwear factories PLANTS
Thick woollen cloth TWEED
This boat can, crossing a river CATAMARAN
Transmitter essential to Brora diocese RADIO
Twin-hulled craft CATAMARAN
Union makes a nice change after all ALLIANCE
Untruth LIE
Very hard to get round West End area SOHO
What it is to be loaded? AMMO
What’s small, caught by Egyptian perhaps? SCARAB
Wireless RADIO
Without cease ENDLESS