The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
Adam’s wife EVE
Andre’s system’s smart indeed DRESSY
Arrangement has TV in higher place set-up
Arrangement, layout set-up
Better people brought in by editor EMEND
Call to join total battle SUMMONS
Calm Bill fills dish PLACATE
Career in orchestra deafens TRADE
Chastise PUNISH
Choose shortly to accept final credit card? PLASTIC
Correct EMEND
Delete from opera season ERASE
Ears got bashed in boxing? STORAGE
Fool ASS
For something regular see Labour CLOCKWORK
Formal, elegant DRESSY
Held forth given small prod SPOKE
Hide treasure finally in South Island SECRETE
Horny foot part TOENAIL
Idiot seen in Kansas in odd places ASS
Jack is varlet KNAVE
Liberal encased in concrete? That’s lenient! CLEMENT
Make a speech ORATE
Meat dish HOTPOT
Medical premises SURGERY
Muscle manipulator MASSEUR
NHS cuts? Consult your MP here! SURGERY
Not completely Fair Lady EVE
Obliterate ERASE
One absorbed by Sun’s flight feature STAIR
Order to attend court SUMMONS
Pieces of eight for Long John? SILVER
Play on words is hard to beat PUNISH
Precious metal SILVER
Profession TRADE
Rubber man? MASSEUR
Said to require massage KNEAD
Score after six balls exceed allotted time OVERRUN
Scoundrel KNAVE
Small step taken in the void SPACE
Soldier on exercises runs hard PERSEVERE
Spread through OVERRUN
Steadfastly continue PERSEVERE
Stolen bowl used for stew HOTPOT
Timepiece mechanism CLOCKWORK
Traitor, into Old English, to give speech ORATE
Unbridled elation in digital projection TOENAIL
Warehousing STORAGE
Wheel rod SPOKE
Work dough KNEAD

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