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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Adorable CUTE
Angry about IT after computer’s last bug IRRITATE
Clergyman heartless but smart CUTE
Comply with OBEY
Crustacean CRAB
Decline of Romans again? SAG
Decompose ROT
Droop SAG
Endless embrace causing troubles CARES
Fencing blade EPEE
Flabbergast AMAZE
Flight path? STAIRWAY
Floor in a network of paths AMAZE
Forestall AVERT
Gleeful chuckle CHORTLE
Grouch taking run in taxi CRAB
Head off from state close to Connecticut AVERT
Himalayan native NEPALI
Honour royal at centre and follow rules OBEY
Hoodlum rants __ egg thrown GANGSTER
Hostile about some poetry AVERSE
I can act it out for schemer TACTICIAN
Katmandude? NEPALI
Laugh as desperate Hector grabs novice CHORTLE
Life peer holding sword EPEE
Long Aussie truck in Andorra __ it crashed! road train
Long lorry road train
Mob member GANGSTER
Musical instrument CLARINET
On radio man would listen HEED
Overshadow ECLIPSE
Pay attention to HEED
Put in post at suite perhaps SITUATE
Put off when importing tin bottle DECANTER
Reed almost certainly jazzy CLARINET
Rent in castle as extravagant LEASE
Rouse WAKE
Rubbish dumped in Wrotham ROT
Set of steps STAIRWAY
Sharp new copper held in grip clean-cut
Sky boss finds numbskull AIRHEAD
Strategist TACTICIAN
Sun block? ECLIPSE
Trail left by funeral party WAKE
Wholesome clean-cut
Wine container DECANTER
Worries CARES