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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Accident CHANCE
Account man? BILL
Bank clerk CASHIER
Best monarch wants milk substitute CREAMER
Bird in sorrow first to be chucked EGRET
Cathedral city NORWICH
Chance to cut grass came again RETURNED
Charge fifty for experience FEEL
City poor now rich NORWICH
Clothing GARB
Command from Lord Erris ORDER
Delightful CHARMING
Dismiss bank worker CASHIER
English idiot ruined new book EDITION
Excavation has shifted by foot SHAFT
Female name ETHEL
Film star Greta almost in dress GARB
Flyers __ some we see gliding back GEESE
Frozen dessert ice cream
Girl Joe the Lion embraces ETHEL
Given back RETURNED
Go green, cooking to eat greedily ENGORGE
Home help backed country INDIA
Hugely popular? ENORMOUS
Interlace KNIT
Invoice BILL
Join outfit guarding north KNIT
Kid needs letters read out TEASE
Large waterbirds GEESE
Learnt about hire deal RENTAL
Long straight handle SHAFT
Marsh wader EGRET
Milk substitute CREAMER
Noise from bat RACKET
Pantomime prince with alluring personality CHARMING
Party supplier transformed terrace CATERER
Peace and harmony ORDER
Populous land INDIA
Printing impression EDITION
Proceeds once I’m given shake INCOME
Professional food provider CATERER
Revenue INCOME
Revolutionary veteran sneakily hides trap ENSNARE
Rice came out as cold treat ice cream
Singer changing mood with gin DOMINGO
Soft toffee FUDGE
Sweet nonsense FUDGE
Swell with blood ENGORGE
Taunt or bait TEASE
Tenor Placido DOMINGO
Touch FEEL
Two churches seizing an opportunity CHANCE
Very large ENORMOUS