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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 25 2018

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Clues Answers
About time to leave messy plates in sink again RELAPSE
Agonised about US city San Diego
Appalled at gash that’s revolting AGHAST
Assailant mauled releases second dog ALSATIAN
Baby carriage PRAM
Backslide RELAPSE
Bear witness TESTIFY
Book reckless forward BRASH
Bun for Ms Clinton? CHELSEA
Business leader MAGNATE
Californian port San Diego
Caustic joke on posh man PUNGENT
Cherish eccentric English cheese CHESHIRE
Chinese lanterns showing style ELAN
Clamour NOISE
Cold primate demands shawl CAPE
Cooked huss with one fish dish SUSHI
Count on this as Cuba reforms ABACUS
Damp and low-lying MARSHY
Early calculator ABACUS
English county CHESHIRE
Female name AGNES
Fixed gaze STARE
Flowing ocean chaos claims 50 SEAMLESS
Food for growing insect GRUB
German shepherd ALSATIAN
Great ship canal PANAMA
Headland CAPE
Horrified AGHAST
In case, in short, do this? TESTIFY
Japanese fare SUSHI
Largest primate GORILLA
Larva GRUB
Long look and tears when upset STARE
Money needed for memorial BRASS
Mum and dad going round an isthmus in America PANAMA
Newsman in his element backed country SWEDEN
Nordic nation SWEDEN
Objective TARGET
One is distressed, making din NOISE
Panache ELAN
Rudely confident BRASH
Sailor to reach goal TARGET
Soft stuff in buggy PRAM
SW London football team CHELSEA
Thug heading for real trouble in Goa GORILLA
Tycoon requires new gateman MAGNATE
Wet and muddy planet hastily vacated MARSHY
Without joins SEAMLESS
Woman picks engagement rings up AGNES