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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Academic essay THESIS
Accused person DEFENDANT
An actor’s role becoming distinct APART
Apartment block TENEMENT
As good as Aesop’s works? FABULOUS
Beginning to shorten hair causes strain STRESS
Black boxer comes to island BALI
Blow gasket in boozer up town ERUPT
Burst forth ERUPT
Cartilage GRISTLE
Cartilage in right leg __ it’s damaged GRISTLE
Censored musicians on the radio BANNED
Character and bore on the tube CALIBRE
Christian celebration EASTER
Desert traveller NOMAD
Direction GUIDANCE
Disgrace STIGMA
Dishonest scheme SCAM
Dishonourable IGNOBLE
Donkey ASS
Edge vampires have? BITE
English chaps in tent or flat TENEMENT
Financial record ACCOUNT
Focal point HUB
Fool some bassoonists ASS
Friends MATES
Hollow cylinder TUBE
I belong unhappily in low birth IGNOBLE
Indonesian island BALI
Information thief HACKER
Legendary FABULOUS
Light meal BITE
Man heard at disco needs help GUIDANCE
Martian Matt returns as wanderer NOMAD
Old sheep one for meat PASTRAMI
One charged expert to pen last article DEFENDANT
Point made by monarch in festival EASTER
Reversible raincoats and fleece SCAM
Saint corrupted Magi? Shame! STIGMA
Separated APART
Seven exit, roaming over large area EXTENSIVE
Smoked beef PASTRAMI
Story that might be current? ACCOUNT
Swimmer surrendering head for heart HUB
Transport network down? TUBE
Victories on board? MATES
Which letter is doubled in dissertation? THESIS
Wide-ranging EXTENSIVE
Wild slasher and computer criminal HACKER
Worth, quality CALIBRE