The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 27 2018

Clues Answers
007 takes brief look inside and outside limits BEYOND
Advocate ENDORSE
Air or tune MELODY
Band score rewritten for The Fugitive ABSCONDER
Barely adequate MINIMAL
Bird died in flock CROWD
Caribbean dance LIMBO
Chest frame RIBCAGE
Copy: one friend keeps it IMITATE
Dark region of Museum Brandhorst UMBRA
Deft comment pedant keeps back ADEPT
Dig dirt on a Democrat ADMIRE
Disease starts initially with the bends? SCURVY
Distinct period covered in Northanger Abbey ERA
Dog among children seized SECURED
Doreen’s dislocated back ENDORSE
Dote on ADORE
Episode exactly on time EVENT
Epoch ERA
Extremely dirty and horrible family DYNASTY
Family line DYNASTY
Full shadow UMBRA
Further than BEYOND
Fuss about love ADORE
Go on hands and knees CRAWL
Happening EVENT
Joined Grant in bed BLENDED
M1 hazard results in blunder MISTAKE
Made safe SECURED
Many set free? AMNESTY
Mark and Mike in unconscious state COMMA
Multitude CROWD
My holding up benefits causes strain MELODY
Note with a line that’s negligible MINIMAL
Oak seed ACORN
Official pardon AMNESTY
One on the run ABSCONDER
Private individual EXCLUSIVE
Punctuation mark COMMA
Quaintly amusing DROLL
Regard with respect ADMIRE
Sailor’s disease (historical) SCURVY
Sewers for the most part unnecessary NEEDLES
Sin or stray ERR
Slip right into East River ERR
Smoothly combined BLENDED
Swim and move slowly CRAWL
Tree potentially has a grain ACORN
Unknown state car carrying bishop LIMBO
Unusual care taken with big organ case RIBCAGE
Very proficient ADEPT
Witty nobleman reversed line DROLL

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