The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 28 2018

Clues Answers
Authentic tango on French street TRUE
Backache LUMBAGO
Bad actor HAM
Boss with a cold — he gets this? HEADACHE
Direction of take-off in this plane VERTICAL
Disc unaltered for Manchester band OASIS
Ethnic city quarter CHINATOWN
Faithful TRUE
Fertile spot OASIS
Field runner in shock for commentator HARE
Financial disaster an accident? CRASH
Firm’s boy covered with great praise ACCOLADE
Game at home: golf is similar MATCHING
Gently calm SOOTHE
God’s moon mission APOLLO
Greek sun deity APOLLO
Hotel before noon provides meat HAM
I’m retired in controlled residence DOMICILE
Identical MATCHING
In Tromso others give comfort SOOTHE
Lag engages posh doctor over back complaint LUMBAGO
Largest continent ASIA
Leer at OGLE
Look at Lego reconstructed OGLE
Loves to involve the students in play OTHELLO
On watch in rough West End district CHINATOWN
Over-bright, gaudy LURID
Pagan: let’s not have cold chicken! HEATHEN
Rabbit-like mammal HARE
Race in tumultuous Tiber TRIBE
Region up in Canada is Alberta ASIA
Russian astronaut COSMONAUT
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Selfish endeavour ego trip
Sensational piece of luck getting free LURID
Shakespearean drama OTHELLO
Shellfish CLAM
Shellfish left in river CLAM
Social division TRIBE
Soldier trained for raiding COMMANDO
Soldier without underwear? COMMANDO
Some too slow in city OSLO
Space traveller cut as moon explodes COSMONAUT
Special honour ACCOLADE
Ultimate self-catering holiday? ego trip
Untruth LIE
Wingless insects finding pork pie LIE

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