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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 29 2018

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Clues Answers
A climber seen by river valley RAVINE
Appointment DATE
Atlantic food fish COD
Authorised ALLOWED
Badger in fatal outbreak PLAGUE
Cadger is terrible person shamed DISGRACE
Charmingly elegant DEBONAIR
Chosen people in science lecture ELECT
Compel one to enter rebuilt Globe OBLIGE
Daughter devoured boyfriend DATE
Deep chasm RAVINE
Excellent winger makes championship game Super Bowl
Female deer DOE
Female finished: men finally eliminated DOE
Fish and chips one decides to start with COD
Freed in grass around fields RELEASED
Generating CAUSING
Ghost in relative darkness SHADE
Given access, having confessed ADMITTED
Goodness me! Soldier becomes royal pet! CORGI
Holy ground covered in East European affair EPISODE
Jazz band ending on Fast City TRIO
Lamp cover SHADE
Larks Casper devised CAPERS
Let everyone marry without ring ALLOWED
Liberated RELEASED
Man being one from Paisley ISLE
Man’s name ALEC
Move to avoid wife and dish up outside SWERVE
NFL final Super Bowl
Nullify CANCEL
Part of church losing hearts in void CANCEL
Pestilence PLAGUE
Porous breastbone almost shattered ABSORBENT
Pound as wage for academic LEARNED
Require OBLIGE
Responsible for placing uranium in shell CAUSING
Scholarly LEARNED
Sea-girt land ISLE
Small group TRIO
Smart man some male chauvinist? ALEC
Some Zoroastrians cook ROAST
Suave socialite making broadcast? DEBONAIR
Sunday lunch ROAST
Turn aside SWERVE
Vote in ELECT
Welsh canine CORGI