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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Alight at station DETRAIN
Altercation ARGUMENT
Befuddled at sea
Catastrophe CRISIS
Choral composition MOTET
Closer to the door? LATCH
Club doorman BOUNCER
Cold dessert ice cream
Compiler cries out audibly for 99? ice cream
Doorman for lively ball BOUNCER
European nation BELGIUM
Fact, in short STAT
Fail to notice MISS
Female name BETH
Fine thread FIBRE
Gate fastening LATCH
General Small the one she loves? SHERMAN
Girl has wager with husband BETH
Goddess appearing after credit crunch? CRISIS
Government cut figure used in estimates STAT
Ground near the middle? EARTH
Harasses BADGERS
In bed here knight not delirious COHERENT
Job with the business newspaper THEFT
Kept record that’s scratched SCORED
Leave car __ trade-in arranged DETRAIN
Lie about moral strength FIBRE
Loosen a knot UNTIE
Lucid and logical COHERENT
Musical piece distributed to me; about time! MOTET
On radio not many would quarrel FEUD
Our planet EARTH
Pesters nocturnal animals BADGERS
Pine for young woman MISS
Prolonged dispute FEUD
Ransack place below PLUNDER
Reiterate REPEAT
Release head departing BBC UNTIE
Ridiculously big mule in country BELGIUM
Robbery THEFT
Salesman to consume parrot REPEAT
Sea-related MARINE
Sit with peer making break RESPITE
So confused in ship at sea
Soldier-king in US state MARINE
Some riled about parking in Derby town EPSOM
Steal from PLUNDER
Surrey racecourse EPSOM
Swindler having dance with monarch TWISTER
True account by junior minister ACCURATE
Turn game perhaps causing debate ARGUMENT