The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 30 2018

Clues Answers
A group playing in desert ABANDON
Abscond with lover from Basel Opera ELOPE
Alleviated EASED
Arbitrate MEDIATE
Augury OMEN
Black Sea republic GEORGIA
Chatter GAS
Cherished desire DREAM
City wasn’t prepared for revolution WARSAW
Compass point NORTH
Country or state on my mind? GEORGIA
Curved structure ARCH
Daughter prepared ricotta for tyrant DICTATOR
Devour steak say without starter EAT
Dine EAT
Direction in dissertation or thesis NORTH
Female name VERA
Force Morgan to become diver FROGMAN
Forward gets up AHEAD
Good as fuel GAS
Hindu teacher MAHARISHI
King had this made anew to catch rook DREAM
Leader going on demo in Bow ARCH
Lie has fooled Dicky FALSEHOOD
Magazine feature ARTICLE
Male voice BARITONE
Met with aide to revise and reconcile MEDIATE
Musical pair needing sufficient time DUET
Naval hero NELSON
Neighbourhood VICINITY
Not married SINGLE
Number three substituted ETHER
Old anaesthetic ETHER
One broke in legs SINGLE
Opposition DEFIANCE
Out in front AHEAD
Overcharge for coat FLEECE
Perhaps the journo penned this! ARTICLE
Polish capital WARSAW
Rebellious street child protected WAYWARD
Relaxed when in river that flows west EASED
Rude ace fined for insubordination DEFIANCE
Run away to wed ELOPE
Sage Hiram has reformed one MAHARISHI
Sheepskin FLEECE
Sign from old people OMEN
Six in hiding in city environs VICINITY
Stick with one note for singer BARITONE
Undersea salvager FROGMAN
Ungovernable WAYWARD
Victorious naval officer in hold NELSON
Woman in Dover argued VERA
Work for two DUET

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