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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
A boy, a commotion; and he finds a lamp ALADDIN
Ancient part in Armageddon AGED
Attendant initially sweeping away ABROAD
Awesome Rastafarian DREAD
Band on road finds old port TYRE
Church table ALTAR
Circle lake bed first COTERIE
Complete religious work in Ireland ENTIRE
Concede AGREE
David Lean’s content not working IDLE
Defect FAULT
Delayed, drat! Entangled in rush RETARDED
Double first? dead heat
Elaborate display PAGEANT
Emblem BADGE
Enthusiastic about some badminton INTO
Evil for example when inverting symbol BADGE
Expert pockets hundred immediately at once
Fascinated by INTO
Fit silver on table at last AGREE
Function OPERATE
Girl and copper dined in desert EVACUATE
Great fear DREAD
Indolent IDLE
Influence AFFECT
Leaf insect __ it might be colourful PAGEANT
Magic lamp retriever ALADDIN
Make empty EVACUATE
Manual worker LABOURER
New consumer’s more elegant NEATER
Non-believer ATHEIST
Overseas ABROAD
Party with monarch showing hand LABOURER
Put on to impress AFFECT
Red nose exploded in second ENDORSE
Romeo, consumed by drink, to go under DROWN
Rubber wheel rim TYRE
Run round gym at speed OPERATE
Sanction ENDORSE
Sceptic is entertained by Hatter mostly mad ATHEIST
Slowed down RETARDED
Submerge DROWN
This place behind middle of Shakespeare’s Globe SPHERE
Tied race dead heat
Union Station? ALTAR
Uranium in flat rebuilt causes weakness FAULT
Very old AGED
Without delay at once