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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 4 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Aerial engagement DOGFIGHT
Baron in Danger Mouse GREENBACK
Bit in Parsifal seems artificial FALSE
Circus balancing act TIGHTROPE
Common gas NITROGEN
Demanding higher prices at college bazaar UPMARKET
Direction finder COMPASS
Disloyal FALSE
Doctor is European producing study TREATISE
E.g. banker out to grab 100 dollar bill GREENBACK
Element Eugene Onegin uses NEON
Flower power begins in text PROSE
Fools sent up old woman in shame STIGMA
Fresh from oven and in great demand HOT
Get iron modified with new element NITROGEN
Good person without family is broke SKINT
Guy following drunk’s perilous route TIGHTROPE
Heredity unit GENE
Identical SAME
Impecunious SKINT
In this place HERE
In which Snoopy battles Red Baron? DOGFIGHT
Inert gas NEON
Lady true? Unfortunately not with this ADULTERY
Look good on knight’s arm GLANCE
Loose seam in uniform SAME
Make an effort TRY
Man in village nearby GENE
Man of high rank GRANDEE
Marital infidelity ADULTERY
Mark of disgrace STIGMA
Noble relative on Scottish river GRANDEE
Non-poetic writing PROSE
Overhead ABOVE
Piece from strange chaps given time ODDMENT
Present from gauche revolutionary HERE
Prestigious UPMARKET
Reach firm given million to spend COMPASS
Ruffian who loses head playing in goal HOOLIGAN
Scholarly paper TREATISE
Score where City losing ball? TRY
Seize artist entering Great Britain GRAB
Senior to old Victor in Lincoln ABOVE
Snatch GRAB
Spicy HOT
Transport moved along carrying duke over GONDOLA
Venetian barge GONDOLA
Wow! Daughter makes connection! CORD