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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 6 2018

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Clues Answers
An idiot seen in foreign port ANTWERP
Ancestor’s wifeless worker at seam ELDER
Belgian city ANTWERP
Bootlicker to move slowly CREEP
Broadway? AVENUE
Characters among Benadiri in depths NADIR
Church official ELDER
Circumvented AVOIDED
Commotion ADO
Compass point NORTH
Composer with hesitation put away gun HOLSTER
Confidence MORALE
Cove or bay INLET
Deadlock IMPASSE
Direction from Luton or thereabouts NORTH
Divorcee, one in bed, offers adventure EXPLOIT
Exciting situation DRAMA
Firestarter concealed in concert orchestra TORCH
Former European getting stick PASTE
From right and left, cheers popular hit ATTAIN
Great ape CHIMP
Great fire INFERNO
Heroic deed EXPLOIT
Inspector of accounts AUDITOR
It’s hell for nine at sea INFERNO
Left in uproar created in sitting room PARLOUR
Lowest point NADIR
More cunning shooter at Agincourt? ARCHER
Much extra beer and spirits MORALE
Notice nothing causes fuss ADO
One Goth perhaps extremely busy on the go
Opening some chain letters INLET
Pistol case HOLSTER
Portable light TORCH
Primate uniting church with devil CHIMP
Process or method PROCEDURE
Prohibited FORBIDDEN
Reviewer of books? AUDITOR
Shot Bond fired contrary to orders FORBIDDEN
Shunned video ad after edit AVOIDED
Silly old peer to show regret DEPLORE
Sitting room PARLOUR
Slope seen after time in hike TRAMP
Speed of one hundred mph TON
Standstill that is to limit motorway progress IMPASSE
Stupidly reproduce routine PROCEDURE
Tiptoe CREEP
Tree-lined street AVENUE
Vagrant TRAMP
Very active on the go
Weight carried by Antonia TON
Whisky taken before a play DRAMA