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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Ahead by goal, change things drastically UPEND
Bad rule broken that’s likely to last DURABLE
Breakfast mix MUESLI
Cash against wage put forward ADVANCE
Chuck has brief relationship FLING
Collapse FLOP
Coming back, manage hospital for period EPOCH
Corruption DECADENCE
Corruption of French rhythm DECADENCE
Curved sword SCIMITAR
Dance costume LEOTARD
Defective DUD
Determine DIAGNOSE
Disclosure ADMISSION
Do alter loose garment LEOTARD
Egyptian deity in London district creates atmospheric effect RAINBOW
Explosive device BOMB
Explosive little man invests million BOMB
Fine cut to fail dismally FLOP
Five on the beer in valley VALE
Footwear SHOE
Gentleman’s address? SIR
Good, well-developed and sensible GROUNDED
Hard-wearing DURABLE
Identify tremors in San Diego DIAGNOSE
In advanced age nervously turning traitor RENEGADE
Invert UPEND
Knight’s title SIR
Lincoln died in retirement ABED
Loafer first to start work in garden SHOE
Mules chewed one’s cereal MUESLI
Nordic nation SWEDEN
Not allowed to fly GROUNDED
Polychromatic arc RAINBOW
Right to go in for confession ADMISSION
Shut up, declines to be set free SILENCED
Sleeping ABED
Society we study in country SWEDEN
Some approached in pain ACHE
Stops and has to arrest officer HALTS
Suspends HALTS
Unit of geological time EPOCH
Unrivalled like the Commons? PEERLESS
Weapon breaks armistice shortly SCIMITAR
Without equal PEERLESS
Worthless whichever way you see it DUD