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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 7 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Agamemnon’s daughter ELECTRA
Artillery piece CANNON
Avenger John STEED
Barely perceptible FAINT
Border EDGE
Capacious bag HOLDALL
Causing death allowed by 2001 computer LETHAL
Celebrity FAME
Complex woman stirred treacle ELECTRA
Confronts female experts FACES
Cutting edge BLADE
Domestic fowl CHICKEN
Dracula, e.g VAMPIRE
Drill BORE
Eat out in bar in heart of Greece ERODE
European country FRANCE
Fashionable man in yellow CHICKEN
Female isn’t lacking clarity FAINT
Fool keeping one Revised Version in Heaven NIRVANA
Girl in fleece produces weapon CANNON
Goose lost balance around river BARNACLE
Group performing in desert ABANDON
Horse cooked in casserole wife chucked out STEED
Hungarian composer LISZT
Large Asian nation CHINA
Looks toward FACES
Lose tyre traction SKID
Luggage item, ancient, in large room HOLDALL
Man covering kilometres to slip on road SKID
Marine crustacean BARNACLE
Mate in communist country CHINA
Mother and child in rock layer? MASON
Move Whistler’s new painting back TRANSFER
Nice location? FRANCE
Note in 1980 dancing musical FAME
One out for your blood? VAMPIRE
Pet in the arms wriggling HAMSTER
Rum produced in Roman lab ABNORMAL
Show much red meat REVEAL
Sound tip for music writer LISZT
Stone worker MASON
Tedious person gives wave BORE
Test cases sorted out in class TUTORIAL
Transcendent state NIRVANA
U2 guitarist’s advantage? EDGE
University lesson TUTORIAL
Wear away ERODE
Wheel-turning rodent HAMSTER
Whirlwind to trouble RN inside TORNADO
Zagreb lad Edgar conceals knife BLADE