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The Sun – Two Speed – Sep 9 2018

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Clues Answers
Annoyed IRKED
Bad military command makes you nervous ill at ease
Bond keeps me in cash CEMENT
Duckworth’s victory years VERA
Enliven by working with one pizza ingredient PEPPERONI
Everlasting ETERNAL
Famed gangster CAPONE
Female name VERA
Fidgety ill at ease
Fit together MESH
Flavourless INSIPID
Flood puts bear in river DELUGE
Force Ten gale? That’s exquisite! ELEGANT
Get engaged in game show MESH
Harsh or insensitive ABRASIVE
Heart-rending POIGNANT
Heavy rain DELUGE
Hoodlum Scarface or better one? CAPONE
It may get endless representation! IMAGE
Josh is child KID
Junk food TRIPE
Little fellow has desire after time TITCH
London arts centre TATE
Love comes in no time, wildly, for passion EMOTION
Lover’s new house in Portugal CASANOVA
Nonsense TRIPE
Not present ABSENT
Notorious seducer CASANOVA
Old man backed friend in dismay APPAL
One politician is cheeky little fellow IMP
Opinion INPUT
Paignton destroyed, arousing sympathy POIGNANT
Popular drink I had is lacking in taste INSIPID
Power to stop one fanatic’s contribution INPUT
Provoked Inland Revenue with King Edward IRKED
Public persona IMAGE
Refined or graceful ELEGANT
Removal of water ruins gardenia DRAINAGE
Rough when I’ve to restrain supporter ABRASIVE
Scandalise APPAL
Seabird in lea changed or unchanged by time? ETERNAL
Seaman posted as missing ABSENT
Sentiment EMOTION
Single item UNIT
Small weapon such as a pistol side arm
Some exhibit at exclusive gallery TATE
Some fighters needing some ammunition UNIT
Something tasty MP dipped in salt pot CRUMPET
Spicy sausage PEPPERONI
Sprite IMP
Tease KID
Toasted teatime treat CRUMPET
Very small person TITCH
Waste liquid disposal DRAINAGE
Weapon dream is confused side arm