The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 10 2018

Clues Answers
A wine in college at Cambridge before beginning of term CLARET
Caught on, passing peer CONTEMPORARY
Come into view in middle of field on combine EMERGE
Course in horsemanship at Hickstead PATH
Eat, though no starter included in held-up Christmas meal LUNCHEON
Energetic type having lots back in party DYNAMO
Energy of outfit that’s on with work GETUPANDGO
Equipment: a large amount is needed by one to make pasta RIGATONI
Fell on top of large jump AXEL
Flower, small at this time, ahead of fall SNOWDROP
Food and drink: see bubbly with food brought back in, a fast food item CHEESEBURGER
Former head admitting it in survey EXITPOLL
Go round old gallery after little resistance shown ROTATE
Clues Answers
Hoodie, a dull sort ANORAK
Introduce, on vessel, a pre-eminent performer STARTURN
Low, daughter’s spirit MOOD
Material for panelling perhaps revolted golf club ROSEWOOD
Modest about page delivering something newsworthy COPY
Mostly bent over low, start working seriously BUCKLEDOWN
New set of books published, yet to be removed? NOTOUT
Open no more, last in street OVERT
Palmist maybe having mint meeting with cashier FORTUNETELLER
Pudding choice no good PLUMDUFF
Sailors? Chay at sea, with rest floundering YACHTERS
Swear-word used in boathouse OATH
What bookie offers eccentric punters, finally ODDS

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