The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
Angry about rescheduled event being confirmed INVETERATE
Big city’s argument against Mediterranean island forest CONCRETEJUNGLE
Cosmetic surgery to tensor with no end of problems TONER
Doctor from Bognor perhaps starts to treat rheum after rhinoplasty REGISTRAR
Eastern firm employed by a French communist is open to all UNRESTRICTED
European articles will come after a second apart ASUNDER
Food outlet folds before spring TUCKSHOP
Fruit that may be source of honey in Spain NECTARINE
Furrow, seeing circle in wood GROOVE
Getting on train for Harrow, perhaps BOARDINGSCHOOL
Makes fun of date disheartened with fairground attractions DERIDES
Measure that’s too expensive to lose heart STEP
Offence of men renting if thrown out INFRINGEMENT
Office of monarch ignoring government’s fellow feeling KINSHIP
Clues Answers
People who fail in ambitious resolutions turning up LOSERS
Person doomed to carry fallen idol is canal worker GONDOLIER
Poems on South American port ODESSA
Revolution by engineers to be green RECYCLE
Separate skill required after parking PART
Share identification in club with a poor reputation DIVIDE
Shows nervousness seeing the Yorkshire charmers TWITCHES
Sight victory as it evolves VISTA
Signs left on board sent off PORTENTS
Something that blows over, giving great enjoyment GUSTO
The people’s vote in Ohio worried head of industry HOIPOLLOI
Unhappy Londoner holding post carrying power PYLON
Weather feature that is on river edge FRONTIER
Weigh up defence’s case and set free DELIBERATE

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