The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 12 2018

Clues Answers
Amateur poet adopting unusual title DILETTANTE
American soldier purchased leg of lamb GIGOT
Banker’s attempt to leave business INDUS
Boring spot around river DRAB
Brave girl over large insect GALLANT
Buffoons broadcast about primarily motor testing ASSESSMENT
Counts length of draw involving minutes and seconds TIMES
Cries about nothing and wife colours YELLOWS
Debate one’s petition ISSUE
Extravagant chap secures love seat OTTOMAN
Fuss about power in engineers’ missile TORPEDO
Get better following diet strictly LITERALLY
Go mad in retirement STAB
Growing container good to protect spur BURGEONING
Hard liquor after time creates dull whine THRUM
It’s improper for merriment to grip actor PERFORMER
Clues Answers
More dubious having left stranger LEERIER
No stamp fixed? He won’t deliver! POSTMAN
Offering support for church? ALTAR
Old heads taking current drugs OPIATES
Papers regularly give gift PRESSIE
Performance payment for Queen? ROYALTY
Runs down motorway before signal changed MALIGNS
Search dodgy publication associated with last of sleaze RUMMAGE
Seeds that could be sown in the wild? OATS
Shocks accepting sweetheart’s approaches APPEALS
Showman is more rapid, endlessly shuffling IMPRESARIO
Significant this compiler’s British in spirit MEMORABLE
Stop sweetheart embracing bachelor DEBAR
Symbol in Greek, merely alphabetical initially SIGMA
This rogue turned out honest RIGHTEOUS
Ultimately dead rodent causing bother DRAT

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