The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
Andrew spinning something a bit foggy as a sort of philosopher DYNAMIST
Bad treatment is accepted by one providing inspiration MISUSE
Being in last stage at home secured by lock TRENDINESS
Cactus goddess planted outside university CEREUS
Carp after agent is seen as disgrace REPROACH
Certain traders misconstrued as harsh breed HABERDASHERS
Chain store is awful for those seeking solitude ANCHORITES
Criticism means upset editor must get a grip DETRACTION
Drunk aims a clout, bringing dire results CALAMITOUS
Food with bit of cloth not to be considered RAGOUT
Greeting or shower of abuse? HAIL
Holiday location has aspect I’m fussed about CAMPSITE
It’s almost 20, dear, in Paris — not a day for an overcoat! SCORCHER
Little woman often seen following Eliza BETH
Clues Answers
Messenger facing difficult situation — will letters arrive here? PIGEONHOLE
Not an all-round bargain? SQUAREDEAL
People close to the monarch — a couple of PMs? CHAMBERLAINS
Raise an even number, protected as chicks? HEIGHTEN
Recruit with English name is grabbed by army officer ENLIST
Some secret, one turning up in short letter? NOTE
Somebody OK’d a new survey of our land DOMESDAYBOOK
Something to get a science student fired up? BUNSENBURNER
Son and daughter outside house wearing trainers, say? SHOD
Sympathetic article penned by cardinal once HUMANE
Volunteers taking care of mother in US city TACOMA
What is said to be sort of average appearance MIEN
What sounds like something for cleaning old carriage BROUGHAM
Wise man from the east, an astronomer? REES

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