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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 16 2018

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Clues Answers
A university bags retiring writer AUSTEN
Attack part of latest RAF effort STRAFE
Be with artist breaking tiles in church BIRETTAS
Cheer European and others on the way up ELATE
Clean finished? WASHEDUP
Cleric short of work wears precious stone that’s worthless RUBBISHY
Complaint about parking left anger DISPLEASE
Crowd supports occasionally sick game SCRABBLE
Deny temp had worked without reward EMPTYHANDED
Discourage fellow cleaner DETERGENT
Fighting in Bill’s honour AWARD
Imagine being before nurse PRETEND
Instruction to ignore Beatles song LETITBE
Jump to follow cool modern music style HIPHOP
Leave part of London when husband’s promoted SHOO
Clues Answers
Leaves time for bed? LIGHTSOUT
Make old books for spy AGENT
Phone system’s temporary, the second one replaced by company INTERCOM
Plot scam with father to seize power CONSPIRE
Private dance, silent, moving CLANDESTINE
Problem children ISSUE
Reportedly shout verse that’s scanned BARCODE
Risk losing daughter’s needle ANGER
See ‘The Sixth Sense’ on YouTube initially ESPY
Select a fancy keyboard CELESTA
Shouts of encouragement about good looks OGLES
Stone married English girl, then engineered hit MEGALITH
Trace audible fault with steering mechanism SCINTILLA
Upset after performance one’s created ARTEFACT
Wrongly arrest existentialist SARTRE