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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 17 2018

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Clues Answers
A useless editor’s shunned AVOIDED
Amount for magic elixir about right PROPORTION
Approving high value of bra FAVOURABLE
Charlie Brown was this stressed DRAWN
Concept I adored? Not quite IDEA
Concerned with a child’s explanations REASONS
Conservative scoundrel embarrassed after nothing happened OCCURRED
Contend with wife’s opinion VIEW
Detectives caught Edward subsequent to six balls being found DISCOVERED
Diamonds free in Cambridgeshire city? Not by mistake DELIBERATELY
Exchange broken cast-iron oven CONVERSATION
Flower girl VIOLET
Fool is last to get help ASSIST
Force former lover to leave state PRESS
Got confused on a bidet OBTAINED
Clues Answers
Half-heartedly shout downstairs BELOW
Hammered nails, say, getting criticism ANALYSIS
Held in wind — ruder sound SURROUNDED
King, consumed by immoral acts, collapses SINKS
Leaders of your little gang unfortunately turning nasty UGLY
Lieutenant in complete retreat SHELTER
Passionate, temperamental woman’s upset AVID
Protection money? INSURANCE
Resilience after 51 goes and daughter enters home RESIDENCE
Small fish approaches thus crab moves SIDEWAYS
Solution from politicians we rejected ANSWER
Specified a pudding, initially? Tart APPOINTED
Stand for the Queen, lifting gift REPRESENT
They possess things boy wanted — rest oddly ignored OWNERS
Unusual seaside problem DISEASE