The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 19 2018

Clues Answers
A meeting-place’s means of access AVENUE
Army officers ran non-specialist shop GENERALSTORE
Beset by trouble, airmen with ultimately duff fuel PARAFFIN
Bird folding flailing wings in crash GOLDFINCH
China protects gold haul for nation PORTUGAL
Delay surfacing — overheard force prepare an ambush LIEINWAIT
End of all but the last of medium-dry wine DEMISE
Entertainer’s to demonstrate climbing large apparatus SHOWGIRL
Father supporting crew without energy to reach US city TAMPA
Given the OK, I’d fire at criminal RATIFIED
Good colleague accepts worker with right spirit GALLANTRY
Insects from plant life covering South American capital MOSQUITOS
Invertebrate pierced by daughter beginning to emit gunk SLUDGE
Landowners in arrangement to sell lord hams SMALLHOLDERS

Clues Answers
Left well-paying job to become student LEARNER
One in possession of article with force after them? THIEF
Outsiders in Sale are characters to be shifted ALIENS
Possessing case? GENITIVE
Prepare to put on clothing DRESS
Quietly remove painting, perhaps ABSTRACT
Reveal Frenchman’s one request after getting married UNMASK
Revolutionary astute about black gemstones BERYLS
Rioting is over — caught in a new hostility AVERSION
Romantic kiss on vacation includes bite KEATS
Selection of odder maladies relating to organ DERMAL
The girl taken another way becomes less wearying LIGHTER
Willing, in the morning, to help AMENABLE
Working with upset celebrity, not suitable for many ONEMAN

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