The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 2 2018

Clues Answers
Abuse some pharmaceuticals HARM
Album playing on journey is a pain LUMBAGO
Allow small reasons to repeat service LETS
Animal fighting unsettled Goth WARTHOG
Another novel about one such as Shylock? ANTIHERO
Arrange word with lawyer that’s past caring WORLDWEARY
Avoid commercial hosted by the First Lady EVADE
Bully in group of journalists? PRESSGANG
Capture Russian leader in getting to the top? INPUT
Child, source of great anxiety for performer SONGSTRESS
Choose a parking place APPOINT
Dog longing to be in hot area HYENA
Father troubled about dull result AFTERMATH
Flying ark is set to find star ASTERISK
Freeman perhaps regularly meets disciplinarian MARTINET
Game for one that’s chirpy? CRICKET
Clues Answers
Giant bird snatching a hospital’s fish ROACH
Girl initially wearing messy anorak and old jumper KANGAROO
Hard man confronts social worker ADAMANT
Hide to get rid of head pain ACHE
Highest charge PRIME
Hunger shown by daughter to follow nameless environmentalist GREED
Lie with 9 or 5? WHOPPER
Not analogue, like most of country DIGITAL
Pirate look envelops river vessel going round island PRIVATEER
Reportedly change table ALTAR
Rippling applause before church’s Sunday accompaniment? APPLESAUCE
Run after Queen with shaved head? Rubbish! BALDERDASH
Those people ultimately rule subject THEME
Tweet ‘I’m retaliating, partly over what might damage trees’ TERMITE
Vague anger around politician thus upset with Spain IMPRECISE
Worry cook STEW

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