The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 20 2018

Clues Answers
Adult getting cross with member of family around? Chilling out needed RELAXATION
After muddle is getting on sending texts? MESSAGING
Appearing in biography, a desperate group of stars HYADES
Big noise after this person comes to a holy city MEDINA
Chum has hesitation, wanting little time in Italian city PALERMO
Engineer in factory wasting time PLAN
Exclusive groups that could be esoteric COTERIES
Fate of revolutionary captured by the French intelligence service LACHESIS
Find out about knight following king LEARN
Frightened old man cut off, beginning to yell PANICKY
Insignificance of man with no picture being shot UNIMPORTANCE
More than one girl gathered round old piano dances GALOPS
Notes in small-sized manuscript MINIMS
Organised crime of those people undermined by old boy THEMOB
Clues Answers
Passage that accommodates retreating soldiers THROAT
Quietly be out in front making petition PLEAD
Scarcely any can be heard — gosh! PHEW
Seafood that could make you collapse ESCALLOP
Showing remorse in Lent, i.e. apt to reform PENITENTIAL
Silver hair ultimately concealed by a chap ARGENT
Song from a new boy joining church CHANSON
Source of energy is sun, acquired in short supply outside GASOLINE
Technical problem maybe in English town HITCHIN
Turn too sharply, it being tricky to reverse OVERSTEER
Was boss having to shout? That fellow’s manner! RANTHESHOW
Watery holiday area planned round a particular idea THEMED
You must be Eve! SECONDPERSON

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