The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
Agree it’s CI2I on the telephone? SEEEYETOEYE
Bound to net everything, scored! TALLIED
Brief article is thrown back into river TRANSIENT
Briefly exposing knees? Not quite INSHORT
Business people need smart manoeuvres TRADESMEN
Caged by ogre, beautiful bird GREBE
Country fair gatecrashed by United team after training GUATEMALA
Criticise author Eliot, rubbish! PANTS
Dame lacking guts, though bet she’s introduced to society DEBUTANTE
Drunkard reversing after gold cars AUTOS
English character cut after month in story NOVELETTE
European city, where blackguard joins female ROTTERDAM
Fight and shout about ending in uproar BRAWL
General change brought about that flows with the wind LEETIDE
Clues Answers
Hormone is in lung, endlessly circulating INSULIN
I’m up pole in error MISTAKE
Iran’s man trembling with love for republic SANMARINO
Last of spread, light as butter perhaps? DAIRY
Marsupial in company with one bird BANDICOOT
Picture instant struggle MOVIE
Reportedly use woodland WEALD
Roughly nine accessing computers to see game TABLETENNIS
Saying first of prayers, itinerant heading for basilica PROVERB
School fees unlimited, old money invested EDUCATE
Start to understand wizard GETCRACKING
The setter’s weight is appropriate! IMPOUND
We Brits also worked in domestic service BELOWSTAIRS
Winner hard to be found in group CHAMP

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