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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Able to grab time with single daughter? TALONED
Brought round, a top Conservative is slow to act DILATORY
Chance shifting round one part of track, perhaps CHICANE
Chief character in a line CARDINAL
Commander, awfully mad over broken rail ADMIRAL
Constant test for underwater growth CORAL
Cool cats, initially in tartan PLACID
Depressed prisoner with word of warning CONCAVE
Describe round object in war game PAINTBALL
Dope may be easy to obtain, ultimately SIMPLETON
Earmark a tax to be raised ALLOT
Elbow joint SHOULDER
Enjoying a run of success playing a wheel? ONAROLL
Explicit about Shakespearean hero CLEAR
Find it in tracks artist laid down first? RARITY
Clues Answers
Fingerprint expert? DABHAND
Fixed price: English prescription RECIPE
Give a false impression about alcoholic drink and soft drink LIMEADE
Home team needs passion up front FIRESIDE
Imagined Lauren being cast UNREAL
Italian individual backing pub singer BARITONE
Much suffering priest accepting new role very quickly HELLFORLEATHER
Newspaper covering fields of study in distant countries FAREAST
Problem caused by damaged retina, certainly inside EYESTRAIN
Row round first of buoys in river TIBER
Rule of law I care about, the result of suffering many blows? CAULIFLOWEREAR
Tea after instant coffee MOCHA
Tick off salesman over fish REPROACH
Total, say UTTER
What’s prior up to boiling a mixture of things? POTPOURRI