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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 25 2018

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Clues Answers
A glass container left open? AJAR
A great amount of prayer that includes god PLETHORA
Bill has drink and misbehaves ACTSUP
Bit of a shock for the best granny, say TOPKNOT
Body time, roughly TORSO
Boil with anger before match, maybe, but understand SEETHELIGHT
Break away from predecessors in retreat SECEDE
Bug female trapped in planned larceny CRANEFLY
Call for help, accepting footballers will get places to relax SOFAS
Cause for social event OCCASION
Celebrated school raised doubts initially NOTED
Concealed exit from port road undergoing repairs TRAPDOOR
Costs incurred as result of wear during transactions DEFRAYALS
Engagement that produces misgiving RESERVATION
Evidence of security for capital cover HATPIN
Clues Answers
Fashionable posture adopted, for example INSTANCE
Financial backer to support a run on church port ARCHANGEL
Give graduate students this game HANDBALL
Illegal acts of family in sabre-rattling? BREAKINS
Ireland’s heart lies in hot bread at Christmas STOLLEN
Made a call after parking accident PRANG
Model only new material NYLON
Ran into river and finished after repairs oddly ignored REARENDED
Retaliation may be the solution ANSWER
Run down gradient exploding with energy DENIGRATE
Sharp chap follows play on words PUNGENT
Suggestions of strikes about direction HINTS
Symbol of life bank holiday reveals ANKH
Time for breakfast possibly PORRIDGE
Tyres, perhaps with spokes RADIALS