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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Bed covering a blanket COAT
Being into Netflix, gorges entire seasons initially BINGES
Boot that is holding up properly WELLIE
Chamber due to become sacrosanct HALLOWED
Element of English spirit around British isle ERBIUM
Exchange with Simpson say, facing Queen BARTER
Fabricator of wicked articles? CHANDLER
Gets excited with single accepting male’s jewel GEMSTONE
Hate rodents eating nearly everything MALICE
Little tense, impatient to go under TITCHY
Losing time tailing bent criminal that’s elusive INTANGIBLE
Minimise part played embraced by bounder, actually UNDERACT
Opposite of stiff drink pulled unevenly SUPPLE
Outline in coarse pants SCENARIO
Clues Answers
Painter estimated to possess importance INTEREST
Plant which could make cat smile CLEMATIS
Record in sort of music vault heard TRANSCRIPT
Reportedly stirred the female heart CENTRE
Roughly chop tile, about to lift chopper HELICOPTER
Sad seeing jerk purchasing Sun vulgarly, perhaps TRAGIC
Shortened county borders BEDS
Solitary one criticised about love ISOLATED
Steamy European rubbish exposed vice EROTIC
Straying, sailor helping to keep direction right ABERRATION
Strives to support live groups BEVIES
Stuff made with cold butter? CRAM
This compiler succeeded twice, creating difficulty MESS
Well this could be rich! HEELED