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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
A ‘person of spirit’ not going to extremes MEDIUM
A time to hold party with sailors and soldiers getting decoration ADORNMENT
Army officer engaging a second person to make plan LAYOUT
At least eight rods providing restrictions CHAINS
Consequence of university learner getting external support RESULT
Destroy version of Bible in fit of anger RAVAGE
Dining not good in officers’ room — quality lacking in vegetables MEATINESS
Female bird in Spooner’s male enclosure PEAHEN
Female Conservative taking particular position CONSTANCE
Fish that’s terrible being served up DAB
Form of slap dance in outdoor scene LANDSCAPE
Good person ‘it ‘ard showed signs of nervousness maybe? STAMMERED
Helmet — it’s not this being worn by one knight TINHAT
Important Indian women arranging a man’s hair MAHARANIS
Long-distance traveller turns to AA when in trouble ASTRONAUT
Clues Answers
Member of tribe given river job, character that communicates colourfully? PICTUREPOSTCARD
Move forward with father’s boy PASSON
Mug in desert, one getting lost GOB
On stage LEG
PM to phone Turkish leader before start of negotiations CALLAGHAN
Protester in Norfolk town I injure with punch? DISSIDENT
Stir when little river goes into a great river AROUSE
The last thing you expect to see in the dark? TAILLIGHT
Tiles in a teashop, broken, top of roof having fallen in OPERAHATS
Tried, having cheated in the past HADAGO
Vet, it is apparent, abused those paying for healthcare PRIVATEPATIENTS
Walker heading off, one moving at a slow pace AMBLER
Was first to get replacement for tungsten lamp? LED
Wish of French father DESIRE
Worrying about nothing, our lot having a ball CAROUSING