The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 3 2018

Clues Answers
Are all sozzled imbibing English beer? REALALE
Available for one agitated about fine ONOFFER
Bitter about tea brewed that’s weak WATERY
Blows up, as final set botched INFLATES
Competition must be held inside without rugby club SARACENS
Cut good durable wood GASH
Deserter captured by soldiers from America gets free GRATIS
First in space OPENING
Girl in Black Sea republic — in a state? GEORGIA
Greek god circling close to Troy in attempt to deceive TRYITON
Hot air socialist research centre’s served up with elan BALDERDASH
Jacket kept in van, or a kagoule ANORAK
Jolly place to eat, once car’s parked VERY
Lacking prudence, popular record about Eastern tenor INDISCREET
Clues Answers
Likewise, purchase an identical disc on the phone BYTHESAMETOKEN
Lofty language from Queen, racing old fancy? GRANDILOQUENCE
Method of deciding winner of European holiday in bank TIEBREAKER
Platform one shown in blue, northbound DAIS
Psychic in fair MEDIUM
Religious teacher and head of theology talk inconsequentially RABBIT
Resolve shown by press on strike IRONOUT
Retire and sketch WITHDRAW
Share not quite worked out QUOTIENT
Something to scan at the dentist’s? COFFEETABLEBOOK
Something worn at a college later on, possibly once pass received ETONCOLLAR
Superstar on edge LEGEND
Type of psychiatric treatment, a type they criticise internally AVERSIONTHERAPY
Very loud, but ultimately quiet SOFT

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