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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Apr 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Betrayal? It’s in the bag SHOPPING
Brisket perhaps that’s sold too cheap? UNDERCUT
Challenge Tory over care CONTEND
Cold playing golf in open space CONCOURSE
Command underling to support party DOMINION
Copper left argument about items of clothing CULOTTES
Criminal sources something sweet SUCROSE
Former partner left at sea? Send overseas! EXPORT
Head’s working and working to get Independent on board ONION
Hospital not quite secure, one’s admitted CLINIC
Hot temperature in faulty adapter? One could be lethal DEATHTRAP
Kiss and cuddle in club SPOON
Leave the Titanic, perhaps — and its orchestra? ABANDONSHIP
Liberal put in jail with no defences or excuse ALIBI
Lie from policeman working undercover, possibly? FALSEHOOD
Clues Answers
Live article carrying firm warning BEACON
Musical chairs mostly played around particular day HARMONIC
My American soldier’s dog CORGI
Old-fashioned grandpa’s second-hand clothes PASSE
Pacify monkey eating greens APPEASE
Poor complain endlessly about king’s broadcast PROCLAIM
Pressure provided by affair is trivial PIFFLING
Require massage, we hear NEED
Rule 100 should be dropped soon ANON
Sailor and soldier with queen PRIVATEER
Set in stone what stylists might have done? CUTANDDRIED
Settle a match? ALIGHT
Sing about English herbal remedy GINSENG
Some yeti going around national park YOSEMITE
Turning up at home, getting into bed, is pick-me-up TONIC